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JACKIN #8 - Jackin with Arco !JACKIN !FUNKY !GUEST !DEEPISH 22.09.2011

Welcome to another editon of JackIN. Today we proudly presents Jack in the house with well-known guest DJ Arco from Brno, Czech Republic in the second hour.

First hour will tune you into the serious funky-melancholic-happy Jack, with some of Arco's tracks. In second hour Arco brings the Jack deep, but still with funky baseline.

Arco have played with some international DJs like Jeff Bennett (SW), Tommy Largo (NL), Dave Combined (AU), Andy Riley-Inland knights (UK), Afrodrops (FR) and of course many domestic Czech DJs. DJ Arco's style of music production is defined as elaborate structure of funky and jackin house rhytms with inheritance of legendary Family Circle crew. Arco had the opportunity to show that he belongs into respected DJs of today. However he doesn't just stick with DJing, he also attends to his own production of quality music. Check out Arco's soundcloud or his excellent new EP Filter Kutz on Flapjack.

Catch us every week on www.jackin.cz. Check out our soundcloud on @jackincz.


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