Podcast 2013

JACKIN #61 - Underground Evolution - PIF and Marky P live @ 4th Birthday Sasazu 29.03.2013

We here at Jackin.cz are proudly presenting you our live underground house sound with our two main boys behind the decks - PIF and Marky P.

We would like to thank to Sasazu crew to inviting us to 4th celebration of the club, and for the opportunity to present this for us future house sounding jackin house, that could appeal to all people, who love music, bouncy beat, swing/jazz/funky/disco infuesed grooves, funny feeling and baseline that makes your girlfriend wet.

It is live set guys, we are still learning to provide every set better and better. But you can be sure, that we are the guys, that are pulling Gigi D Augostino and some really underground house together. And we want to show, that there is a third way in house music - to let yourself inpise with anything and just go with a flow :)

Thank you guys and enjoy this one, as this is as the club sounds!


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