Podcast 2013

JACKIN #71 - PIF live on AMW.FM 10.10.2013

Showing some of my new tracks released & unreleased to this date. Funny mix :)

PIF - I Found You (coming on Doin Work)
Pha5e & Furmit - Spastic Limbo
Tony Monero - Hard Weather (Full House Digital)
Jake Childs - The Underground (Inland Knights Remix)
Chris Carrier and Hector Moralez - Rise Of THe People
PIF - Do That (Full House Digital)
Jason Hodges - The Whiner
PIF - Rockin In Chicago (unreleased, coming out on vinyl next year)
John Hardin - Sack Of Some Love
Wattie Green - Brasilia
Wattie Green - Love Exchange
John Hardin - Get It To Go


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